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About Me

Richard H
Name: Richard A Harwood
Age: 21
Location: Mirfield, West Yorkshire
Occupation: Graduate Job Seeker
Qualification: BSc Computing (Hons)

I always find it quite difficult to write about oneself without boring the intended audience, or appearing ever so slightly condescending, so I’ll present a brief background of me as best as I can. I doubt it will be of any interest to those other than my friends, family or colleagues, but what the heck.

For the best part of my life I have lived in Mirfield, a town in West Yorkshire with a population of around 19, 000 people. It is located 5 miles to the north-east of Huddersfield, and is 10 miles south of Leeds. It has its good and bad points like any town, but I enjoy the scenic views across Huddersfield looking out towards High Peak and the surrounding Peak District, which can be seen on a clear day. Some 20 miles away to the west lies Manchester, where most of the poorer weather seems to come from!

Mirfield is noted amongst other things, as being the birthplace of Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame, as well as a former residency of James Bond actor Roger Moore.

The Formative Years:
I attended Batteford C of E Primary School between the years 1991-1997, before I went to Castle Hall School where I sat my GCSE’s between 1997-2002. After achieving good results I went on into further education to study my A-Levels at Heckmondwike Grammar School between 2002-2004. I chose to study Computing, for which I have always had some affinity for, besides Chemistry, Business Studies, and English Literature.

The Present:
I am a recent Computing graduate of the University of Leeds. I am currently in the process of finding my ideal job, which will almost certainly involve web development with PHP / MySQL. I have always had a strong interest in web technologies and would very much like to forge a career within the industry, building on my freelance experience to date.

As you might have twigged by now, I am quite interested in all things technological, but I also have an avid interest in photography, fireworks, cooking, and of course all the usual things like music, cars, girls etc! I have a dedicated section on this website covering my interests.

British Computer Society
Pyrotechnics Guild International
UK Pyrotechnics Society